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Unofficial Suite From Django Unchained (2012) The New Film By QUENTIN TARANTINO The Unofficial Dedicated & Organic Film Soundtrack & Themes Original Music Composed And Produced By ELVIS PEÇI 1. Nostalgic Reverie (Film Theme 1) 2. The Riding Jig (Django's short Theme; th. 2) (Desert Interlude) 3. A Cakewalk for Mr. Candie (Short Desert Interlude) 4. Desire for Love ( Love Theme; th. 3) (Ancient Era Interlude) 5. The Conquest of the Wild West 6. Coda Jig Music Copyright © By Elvis Peçi & Aelfior Studios 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/PROJECTKABALAND WWW.KABALAND.AL