A short description of my musical trip

Creating dreamy augmented parallel realities feeded by an amalgame of mystery and lucidity, awareness and ignorance, light and darkness, …developing new improved parallel worlds and seeing beyond the disguises with our eyes shut… stealing souls from ephemeral times and giving life to eternal dreaming universes where time is nothing more than another adjustable dimension… this is the land where my musical and artistic work grows up. ‘’MMXIV’’ is my new album released worldwide through CdBaby, iTunes and Amazon.com from January 2014 as a platinum collection of selected works from previous albums (Tunes from the Lost Times, Flower of Life and Earthlings) from my work with musical project ‘’KabaIand’’ created since 2009. The musical style of my music until now as ‘’Project Kabaland’’ floats in the soundlands of film soundtrack, new age, folk, dance, ethnic, instrumental and contemporary orchestral music.

LATEST NEWS Besides Project Kabaland Albums, Elvis is working on his first musical ‘’The Miraculous Journey of Patrick Foresight‘’ (www.facebook.com/patrickforesight) predicted to be premiered on December 2014. To keep up to date with his latest creations please keep in touch with kabaland.al!

Project Kabaland’s new album ‘’The beginning’’ is progressing and predicted to be available in 2015. All music by ‘’Project Kabaland’’ is composed, performed and produced by Elvis Peçi at Aelfior Studios (Tirana, Albania). Furthermore, since July 2013, Elvis Peçi is member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Besides his work and studio albums as ‘’Project Kabaland’’ Elvis Peçi wrote several works and albums for solo piano: Obstinated Blues, Aqua Antiqua, Al Paese dei Pianoidi, Scenes from Future. Beyond performing his own music he realized several piano recitals, chamber music, orchestral and stage works concerts with programs from classical, impressionist and xx century composers such as Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Puccini, Ravel, Debussy, Berg, Peçi etc. He studied and collaborated with artists such as Lali Gabeci, France Clidat, Anita Tartari, Pierre Reach, Viatcheslav Valeev, Aleksandër Peçi, Nikolin Gurakuqi, Kastriot Tusha, Orazio Baronello, Ilkka Tarumaa etc. Lately Elvis also collaborated as composer in independent films such as: The Perfect Heist (Finland, 2012), Pickman’s Model, Infected (USA, 2013) and Djando Unchained (Unofficial Suite, 2013).

Elvis Peçi (1982) has a piano Master’s degree with excellent results (Gold Medal, 2006) from the Faculty of Music in Tirana (Albania) and also studied music for several years in the CNR – Paris and Ecole Normale ‘’Alfred Cortot in Paris, France. Since 2007 Elvis Peçi is a lecturer (Docent, since 2013) at the University of Arts in Tirana. He collaborated in concerts, events, festivals and broadcastings supported by the Albanian Ministry of Culture, UNESCO, the European Piano Teachers Association, University of Arts in Tirana, Aelfior Association, Association Vibrations, Mairie de Paris, Association of New Music, DigitAlb, RTSH, Remusica, Ditët e Muzikës së Re, Pianodrom.